Swedish Style Massage

60 min  $85  | 90 min $120  | 120 min $180

This is my most popular and favorite massage.  So much can be accomplished with Swedish Massage. After gently warming the muscle with compression this massage begins with some petrissage to help release the stress in the muscle.  Long relaxing strokes are then used to help work out the tension.

Pre-Natal Massage

60 min  $90 | 90 min  $130


One of the most beneficial times to enjoy a massage is during pregnancy. While there are a lot of misconceptions about receiving work during pregnancy with a properly trained and educated massage therapist prenatal massage can be safely and effective provided.  If you have any questions about when or how often you should receive massage please contact me for a personalized telephone consultation.

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Fertility Massage



Several years ago I encountered a client who was struggling to conceive.  I thought to myself “There must be a massage for that”. All of my internet searches pulled me to Claire Marie Miller and her course.  Claire has decades of experience in helping couples conceive and carry babies. She has been inducted to the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame to honor her work.

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Wise Woman Massage



Celebrating the Best Time in Your Life

This massage session is the ultimate gift for you, or for someone who has done so much for others.

Wise Woman Massage incorporates a luxurious scalp massage using the essential oil of Rosemary and the healing powers of Castor Oil to renew and refresh your soul. Your face will soak up the goodness of the shea butter face massage. The delicious aroma of Serene Sage or Cool Woman oil (from Botanically Rooted) will stimulate your senses and help calm your nervous system. A gentle lymphatic leg massage helps move things along. A cleansing castor oil pack to the abdomen, followed by a releasing abdominal massage are all included in this session.

I make two promises of this session.

You will leave with wild oily hair. Embrace it and allow the oils to continue their conditioning treatment, or enjoy a peaceful shower at my studio. You will leave glowing inside and out.

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Dry Brushing

Coming Soon


Using a variety of soft and coarse brushes, firm, upward strokes are applied to the legs, arms, face, abdomen and back.  Not only does dry brushing help rid the body of dry skin it promotes the flow of lymph.  This service is provided at the beginning of your massage session.


Coming soon… Price included with massage


Soft silicone cups are applied to specific trigger points, normally on the back.  The cups are left on for approximately 5-20 minutes.  Cupping is an ancient art used to promote blood flow, release of tension points and to help locate areas of concern.  The suction may, in some instances, result in red circular marks on the treatment area.  These marks may last anywhere from 3-5 days depending on your skin.