After spending nearly 25 years working in the legal field I have branched out into a field which I thinks positively reflects my nature. I am a talented massage therapist and an emphatic believer in the healing powers of massage and bodywork. My passion for massage therapy stems from a lifelong interest in the power of healing and the ability to help others.

Believe Bodyworks was created to empower the women I serve. I believe that the work I offer you is so beneficial to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I believe that once the body is aligned it has an amazing ability to correct so many of the ailments that are common in today’s busy world. I believe that you are worth the investment of time in yourself. I believe in You!

My favorite part of working in the legal field, and now the massage field, is the interaction with my clients. I thank you for trusting me with your time. Massage is an intimate exchange between provider and receiver and as such trust and comfort is my number one concern. People feel comfortable with me and I am honored that you have decided to spend this time with me.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies from Roger Williams University and graduated from Bristol Community College with a Certificate in Therapeutic Massage Therapy.  I obtained my Massage Therapy License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2014 and since then have provided thousands of massages to a wide variety of clients. In an effort to continually grow as a therapist and healer I love attending seminars and training. I have been so fortunate these past few years to train with some of the best therapist and teachers in the world.

I hope to one day expand the studio to include a space where special needs children and their parents can come together to share experiences and learn about services available to our kids (and families).

I am an independently owned small business. By receiving my services you are supporting small business, which is so important to the local economy. I do not believe in selling memberships and there no pushy sales people. Any products which I offer for sale are some of my favorite things, that I truly find beneficial.

At Believe Bodyworks you will only encounter me, looking to make your experience exceptional. I am able to offer you a relaxing safe space in which to totally relax and release the stress of your daily life. I do not schedule back to back appointments so you are never rushed out the door (as is typical in most massage chains).

I invite to you enjoy your time on my warm massage table, take your time getting up and once dressed please have a seat and enjoy a beverage before leaving.

Most importantly, you should visit Believe Bodyworks because YOU are an important part of my success, not just a name on my schedule.